27.06.20 – Russian Farts

Guess what! I’m back at my place of work! Not working unfortunately. Im back in for treatment! I honestly thought that this year would be the year where I wouldn’t end up back in hospital. Well, it’s not like it’s been a particularly great year for everyone. At least I’d not be doing much at home so I’m not missing out. I don’t feel as unwell this time thankfully. Oddly enough, when in hospital, what annoys me the most are the beds! They are so uncomfortable! If you like a firm mattress, you’d be fine. I like a nice soft and squishy one. I prefer having a pressure mattress (blow up mattress). I had one once just because it happened to be on the bed. It was comfy! We have beds like that in ITU to reduce the risk of pressure sores as some ITU patients are with us for more than a week, on a ventilator, muscle atrophy develops and are unable to reposition themselves. I wonder if they’d believe me if I told them I have a pressure sore? Would they believe me do you think?

So in terms of the 4 bedded bay I’m in, there’s a lady opposite who’s not ashamed to pass noisy wind. She also likes her voice to fill the room with the loudspeaker on during a phone call. I wouldn’t mind if I knew what she was saying, but its all in Russian 😂. There’s barely any confidentiality in a bay. The curtains close and that’s about it. I know what everyone’s coming in for. I had once diagnosed a patient correctly because I knew all her symptoms. You can even hear someone having a poo in the toilet! Trick is to put toilet paper in the toilet bowl, so that your stools have a softer, splash free landing. 😂😂

So far today I’ve had bloods, a chest X-ray, ultrasound scan, a cannula, intravenous antibiotics, pain relief and anti-sickness. The Dr has seen me and mentioned that the Ultrasound scan shows nothing. Not surprised as they never seem to show anything. So the next stage is to go for a CT scan tomorrow. My blood results are back and show that my CRP is raised (inflammatory markers). Normal range is 0-29, mine is 150. For me that’s not bad as it’s been almost double that last year. I guess there will be no usual Sunday 5K tomorrow then!

Due to being busy and unwell, I haven’t been able to film this week. Even so, please head to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already done so. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb9SeqYvnOvECR51XT-NZEA

From Monday 20th May, the ‘opt-out’ system for organ donation was introduced. We are hoping that this will encourage the conversation between family’s, their wishes and beliefs. Hopefully more lives will be saved on the waiting list for a transplant. I’m very lucky to have been given chance of another life, so please consider giving my other

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4 thoughts on “27.06.20 – Russian Farts

  1. Do you have any earplugs? I would have actually harmed someone by now! Must be so frustrating for you to be in hospital again. I hope it’s a short stay and you are well again soon. Thinking of you.

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  2. I know when I was in hospital last year every consultant that went behind a curtain to talk to a patient in private was wasting his time because we all heard what they were being told lol. How are you now? 😘


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