05.10.18 – Proud Daughter

A few months ago, my Dad took part in a bike ride to raise money for a Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity called Liver Foundation UK. This is the hospital in which I had my liver transplant at, so we thought it would be a good idea to give something back after all the hospital […]

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03.10.18 – Vaccinations

I want to go away on holiday again! After I’ve realized what all the hype is about, following years of not being able to travel, I’m craving another holiday. After all, I deserve it, right? 🙈 I contacted a friend to see if she wanted to go away in December. She said she had already […]

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30.09.18 – On a Hike

For some unknown reason, I agreed to walk up a big hill in Shropshire called The Wrekin. My mum does it most Tuesday evenings so I thought I’d walk it again after 2 years. 2/3rds of the way up, I was contemplating on stopping and letting the others continue to the top, then meet back […]

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17.09.18 – Couch to 5K

Disclaimer: Exercising should be approved by your Dr following any major surgery or injury. I have been deemed safe by my Consultant to exercise with exceptions. I’ve been struggling at work recently due to freeing tired after a few hours. I’m having to sit down for a few minutes every so often which isn’t easy […]

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12.09.18 – Bolton

6 months post op! Already?! Yep I can’t believe it either. Well, to others it’s gone really fast, to me, really slowly. Each day during the first few months really dragged as I just wanted to feel better. I’d try and plan as much as I can knowing I could. It’s really made me push […]

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28.08.18 – Holiday Season

Ive been waiting for a chance to go abroad for a long time. No care as to where or when. Just somewhere sunny and chilled. Italy was exactly what I needed. There were 12 of us flying out to Lake Garda. It was such a beautiful location, with restaurants and bars all along the promenade. […]

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30.07.18 – Urgent Bloods?!

I’ve been so busy these last few days and I’m still repairing around the area of where the abscess kept cropping up. The extra energy and running around has caused me feel to feel sore and exhausted. I had to rely on one Tramadol a day to get me through the Wedding of my cousin, […]

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